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3 Business Lessons Learned From Watching The Tiger King

3 Business Lessons Learned from Watching the Tiger King

Like bazillions of Americans, last week I was shamefully glued to Netflix watching the docuseries, Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, & Madness. I had no idea what to expect. Nonetheless, I was tethered to the television and watched the 7 episode series over the course of 3 nights. That’s more television than I typically watch in 3 months. The outrageous documentary depicts the story of Joe Exotic, a big cat breeder and his role in the (previously unknown to me) seedy underworld of roadside big cat zoos. The film exposes us to eccentric characters addicted to drugs and guns, the horrors…

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Dental Sleep Medicine, Celebrity Crime, & Gym Memberships; 1 Of These Is Not Like The Others

Dental Sleep Medicine, Celebrity Crime, & Gym Memberships; 1 of These Is Not Like the Others

Money helps celebrities get away with drunk driving, but no amount of money will make you successful in Dental Sleep Medicine. Think that's a non sequitur? You may be asking yourself if I've lost my mind. Please allow me to explain. Whether you get your news from The Economist, Facebook, TMZ, or Fox News, you've undoubtedly read about celebrities committing crimes and escaping unscathed. Why? They pay exorbitant amounts of money to get the results they want. In some cases, they have literally gotten away with murder. Follow me so far? No amount of money can get you in optimal physical…

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