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Your Company’s Future Is A Real Page Turner!

Your Company’s Future Is a Real Page Turner!

I like to read. Books. In conversations with others, I’ve come to realize this places me in the minority. I’ve also found that people want to learn and grow while enriching the company for which they work. They just need someone to expose them to new ideas. A company book club is a great way to do this. That’s not theory. During my career, I’ve organized and led numerous book clubs and have seen them lead to new innovations while cultivating a new generation of leaders. Now, you might be thinking “That sounds like a lot of work” or “I’m…

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G.O. D.E.E.P. To Succeed In Dental Sleep

G.O. D.E.E.P. to Succeed in Dental Sleep

What’s the biggest reason dental practices fail to attain success in Dental Sleep Medicine (DSM)? Getting patients tested? MD networking? Medical billing? Worried about side-effects? Forget software. Forget devices. Yes, those are all obstacles inherent to DSM, but the dentist that is the “go to in our area” has figured out how to overcome those obstacles. They’re screening patients. They are getting patients tested and they’re receiving referrals from physicians. She’s receiving reimbursement from medical insurance. He’s treating a lot of patients and managing side-effects. So, it can’t be those issues. Those issues can be overcome with the 3 E's:…

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Dental Sleep Medicine, Celebrity Crime, & Gym Memberships; 1 Of These Is Not Like The Others

Dental Sleep Medicine, Celebrity Crime, & Gym Memberships; 1 of These Is Not Like the Others

Money helps celebrities get away with drunk driving, but no amount of money will make you successful in Dental Sleep Medicine. Think that's a non sequitur? You may be asking yourself if I've lost my mind. Please allow me to explain. Whether you get your news from The Economist, Facebook, TMZ, or Fox News, you've undoubtedly read about celebrities committing crimes and escaping unscathed. Why? They pay exorbitant amounts of money to get the results they want. In some cases, they have literally gotten away with murder. Follow me so far? No amount of money can get you in optimal physical…

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