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What’s going to happen if I buy a pair of Jordans, shoot free throws a couple hours each month, and read a bunch of books about basketball? Will I be the next Michael Jordan? What about Scottie Pippen? Realistically, I wouldn’t even hold a Bed Bath & Beyond going-out-of-business-candle to Toni Kukoc.

This is what it’s like when dentists spend a bunch of money on Dental Sleep Medicine training or products, barely work at it, and then complain when their practice doesn’t flourish.

The right appliance or best-in-class HST service are necessary tools to build your DSM practice. They aren’t all you need though. You can’t pick the perfect billing company and VOILA! you’ve got a DSM ATM Machine. Nope, it ain’t gonna happen.


The proper saws & nails are requirements to build the new man/woman/personcave of your dreams. Some tools work better than others. Some cost more than others. But even if you trekked to the hardware store and bought me all the best tools and provided blueprints straight from Frank Lloyd Wright’s notebook, you’d end up with nothing but frustration. I don’t know what I’m doing. These tools are supplements to help someone that’s capable, not substitutes for doing the work.

It is impossible to buy, scheme, or dream your way to Dental Sleep Medicine success. You still have to build rapport with referring physicians. You still have to assemble a team of DSM All-Stars to support the mission. You still have to learn how to relate to patients in a real, human way.

There are some companies that tell you that they’ll guide you to the DSM promised land if you buy their proprietary plan or buy meals for retired NHL stars or whatever. EVEN IF IT’S TRUE – that they’ll give you the treasure map – you’re still going to have to endure the journey, battle the thieving criminals, give Chunk chocolate, and sail away with the treasure. Ultimately, you have to do the work.

There are many outstanding supplements:

Amazing appliance manufacturers such as ProSomnus® Sleep Technologies, Panthera Dental, Dynaflex, and Apex Dental Sleep.

There’s incredible HST service providers like & some top tier HST units like the WatchPAT ONE and the SleepImage Ring.

Billing companies like Pristine Medical Billing & Nierman Practice Management do fantastic work getting dentists reimbursed for life-saving treatment.

Great coaching organizations include Awaken2Sleep and Tucker Educational Excellence.

Exemplary educators such as Dr. Steve Carstensen, Dr. Erin Elliott, Barry Glassman, Mark Murphy, Jamison Spencer, Dr. John Carollo, Dr. John Viviano, Jason R. Doucette, & Kent Smith DDS, D-ABDSM zig-zag the country, lecturing nearly every weekend.

Each of these experts and companies have something to offer you. And there are certainly others that do, too. Still, stop wasting your time, energy, and money. Stop trying to buy the perfect dental sleep body by living on fish oil capsules. Quit doing the dental sleep hokey-pokey. Are you in or out?

I’m sorry I can’t coddle you. I have to cudgel you. No one is coming to save you, and the only one that can save your patients is you… or the dentist up the street. What are you going to do about it? There is no shortcut or substitute for success, and you can’t quit. Goonies never say die!

I wrote a book to help with the many different facets of establishing and growing a dental sleep program. Whether you’re a neophyte or an expert, a dentist or a team member, this book will make you laugh while giving you countless actionable tips. You can click this link to get your copy now. Below are a few quotes from your colleagues:

“Rarely does a book come along whose sole purpose is unselfishly to move an industry forward. Jason has taken a very difficult profession and created a mini-literary masterpiece on how to push, believe, and remove excuses that cause most to fail.” – Dave Federici, DDS, D-ABDSM

“Anyone who is serious about growing their practice in DSM must read this book!” – Ed Sall, MD, DDS, MBA

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