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What’s Your Story?

What’s Your Story?

Seriously, what is YOUR story? A story is what differentiates your product or service to potential customers and makes them want to know more about you. To many prospective clients, oral appliances, home sleep testing units, or billing services have been commoditized. They don’t know or can’t discern the differences. How do you differentiate yourself and what is YOUR story?

Is it price? Maybe you have the lowest price, but you’re viewed as subpar by those in search of quality. 

You might be a premium service that is worth every penny, but you haven’t crafted the narrative to justify your cost to those who haven’t experienced your exemplary service. 

Or you could be in the middle; the JCPenney of Dental Sleep Medicine, representing neither prestige nor desirable value. In the eyes of prospects, you’re just. There. 

Is it service? Let me guess – You have the best, most committed and knowledgeable team in the industry. Says who? Says you? Um, you’re probably a bit biased. 

Do you have dentists on your team? 

Has your team completed a renowned customer service training program? 

Do you have testimonials from recognized leaders in the field? 

These are the types of differentiators that make up the chapters of your story.

Is it the uniqueness of your products? Many companies place emphasis on features rather than benefits. Features are technical aspects of your product while benefits are what your customer will derive from the product.

Oftentimes we’re intimately familiar with our product’s features and love to geek out about them, but the prospective client doesn’t understand how this will benefit her. If you have the only device with adamantium hardware, that’s a pretty cool feature. BUT, if you explain to your prospect that it’s the same material Wolverine’s skeleton is made from and if it’s damaged, it will self-repair rendering the appliance indestructible which means no repairs will ever be needed resulting in less chairtime, happy patients, and no remakes. That, my friends, is a benefit.

So many companies have cool products and phenomenal services that dentists need. All of them have incredible stories, but most of them can do a better job telling the story. Maybe you need some help crafting your story. You’ll need a compelling cover, too. Make sense? Contact me so we can discuss how we can Transform Dental Sleep together.

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